Monday, June 27, 2022
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Toolkit – Tools, libraries, datasets and code required for data science work

Monthly Asset price relationship to Macroeconomic Data

Legal Disclaimer – This research is not an investment advisory or a sales pitch. Objective Identify the...

Pandas for Data Wrangling – tutorial, cheat sheet

Pandas is a powerful python library for data manipulation. It requires limited query level optimisation as its functions can perform rapid data...

Open source Data science Tools – Anaconda, Spyder, Python

The open-source Anaconda Distribution is the easiest way to perform Python/R data science and machine learning on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X....

RandomForest Regression model for predicting US 10 year Treasury Bond Prices using Macroeconomic Data

Building a #datascience #machinelearning #algorithm is relatively simple. 8 lines of #python code. It's...

RoboAdvisory Algorithm using Macroeconomic data

Predict 3 year Forward Asset Prices & Direction and Portfolio Return & Risk using Historic Macro data & Central Bank Forecasts

Open source Data science libraries – AI, ML, NLP

Scikit-learn  is a free software machine learning library for the Python programming language. It features various classification, regression and clustering algorithms including...