About Us

DataWisdomX is an open, free to join data science learning platform. It will provide end-2-end data science training courses for all levels (Beginners, Intermediate and advanced) and types of users – analyst, programmer, non-technical professional, student, etc. The courses cover will cover the main professional skillsets for data science – Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Data Engineering. Beginners and advanced machine learning algorithms will be taught in these courses – Supervised/Unsupervised, Regression/Classification/Clustering, Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Databases and Big Data tools. They will teach students how to do end-2-end data science projects – from problem definition, data sourcing, wrangling, modelling, analyzing and visualizing to deploying and maintaining.

It allows people to share their research, articles and experience in data science. It connects companies and freelancers looking to solve business problems which require data science. Please get in touch if you want to discuss any data science training or projects.

Nitin Singhal, Founder, DataWisdomX. MBA(IIM Calcutta) and BE Computers(Pune University) with over 18 years’ experience helping companies build industry-leading products with cutting-edge analytics and founding pioneering digital platforms.

His deep commercial experience across multiple industries, startups & large companies, technologies & data science enables him to provide practical solutions efficiently for a variety of problems.

He helps companies with Ideation, development, execution and promotion of innovative products and digital platforms in UK, US and India for multiple industries – Finance, Healthcare, Food. He wants them to outperform their industry by building breakthrough products using data science.

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Delhi NCR, India.



Our vision at DataWisdomX is to create an open data science learning and knowledge sharing platform which provides training courses for learners and connects businesses to experts to solve their data science problems.

Businesses struggle to find data scientists with the right skill set. Learners struggle to find training courses that cover all aspects of data science with the necessary details. Our objective is to use this platform to overcome these issues by matching learners to the right training courses and businesses to experts with the required skills to deliver their data science projects.