Data Science – End 2 End Beginners Course Part 1 – Machine Learning and Data Analytics


Announcing the launch of our online course on Udemy and other online platforms.

Udemy course link is –

Data Science is a multi-disciplinary profession which requires a combination of 3 core skillsets

  • Maths, Statistics, Probability, Algebra & Calculus
  • Programming & Databases
  • Business Knowledge & Problem Solving

The Objective of this course is to teach students how to do an End-2-End data science project

  • From Problem definition, data sourcing, wrangling and modelling
  • To analyzing, visualizing and deploying & maintaining the models

The course will cover the below data science concepts

Including a detailed data science process

And algorithm selection process for a problem and prediction type

This course is for anyone interested in learning data science – analyst, programmer, non-technical professional, student, etc.

Having seen available data science courses and books, we feel there is a lack of an End 2 End approach

  • Quite often you learn the different algorithms but don’t get a holistic view, especially around the process and deployment
  • Also, either too much or limited mathematical details are provided for different algorithms

The End 2 End Data science course will be divided into 4 parts

  • Part 1 is a Beginner’s course that covers basic Machine Learning and Data Analytics
  • Part 2 will cover Intermediate and Advanced machine learning techniques – Deep Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Part 3 will cover Advanced machine learning techniques – Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision
  • Part 4 will cover Data Engineering Databases and Big Data tools (Hadoop, Spark)

Throughout the course detailed lectures covering the maths/logic of the algorithms, python code examples and online resources are provided to support the learning process

Course material including python code and data is available at –