AI Robotics in Restaurant, Food Beverage industry


Sharing a few articles related to #AI and #Robotics in #Restaurant #Food #Beverage industry. There is a demand for #automation in this industry due to various factors like labour shortage, cost, efficiency, operating times etc.

With the use of AI #Deeplearning models in robotics, the automated systems can perform various human tasks. The opportunities for applications are huge across the world.

Flippy 2 takes over the work for an entire fry station, and performs more than twice as many food preparation tasks compared to the previous version, including basket filling, emptying and returning.

Many of the tasks for back-of-house positions at quick-service restaurants have been labor-intensive, physically demanding and hazardous, given the proximity to hot oil and grills in compact kitchens. Miso said Flippy 2 looks to alleviate these paint points to create a better working environment for human co-workers while also maximizing the efficiency of the kitchen.

The AI-powered system is designed to monitor key coffee metrics such as volume, temperature and time data, and combine these with data analytics to guarantee a quality cup of coffee and more efficient team member experience. Miso has teamed up with Panera Bread to evaluate and test the CookRight Coffee system.

The Nala recipe catalog aims to offer dishes from chefs and celebrities from around the world, and users can upload their recipes that are coded and then replicated by Nala. The system can also personalize and customize ingredients to a customer’s liking, or in the words of the company’s founder, Ajay Sunkara, “immortalize your grandma’s recipe” to create a one-stop eatery for every palate, across multiple cuisines.